Frequently Asked Questions


Why join PB&J?

* To have fun!

* To meet people in your community

* For an activity for all your children that aren’t in full-time school

* For a large (1,000 sq. foot) indoor facility to run around during the cold weather

* To meet parents and caregivers in the same stage of life, with kids from age 0 – completed Kindergarten

* An opportunity for your children to interact with other children

* A safe, varied environment with carefully chosen toys and activities

* To trade ideas and tips with other parents

* For both the children and the adults to build friendships

* Introduction to new games, songs and activities.

See our Testimonials page for more reasons why our members love PB&J!


What if I want to try it out?

Contact our Registrar at PBJreg@gmail.com to arrange a no obligation visit. Come and see for yourself if PB&J is for you!


Is PB&J just for moms?

Moms, dads, nannies, and other caregivers are welcome at PB&J!


What months does the program run?

PB&J runs from September–June each year. We have two semesters: September-January and February-June.


What days and times can I attend? 

There are currently sessions available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:15 am to 11:15 am. Choose the day that works best with your busy schedule, subject to availability.


Do I have to attend PB&J every week?

No, PB&J is flexible. We encourage our members to attend as often as possible, though, to enjoy the full benefits of playgroup!  The standard fee applies for all registrants, regardless of how often they attend.


How do I register and what is the cost?

See our Registration page for more information on our fees and registration process.


What if I want to register in the middle of the semester?

No problem, we prorate the cost for later registrants! See our Registration page for more information.


Is PB&J structured?

PB&J has a general format that is adapted by each group according to their needs. All activities must be included in each session:

* Free play

* Snack time (provided by the caregiver). Please note we are a NUT FREE ZONE.

* Creative time (approximately 20 minutes in length). This includes crafts, coloring, play-doh, etc.

* Circle time (approximately 20 minutes in length). This includes stories, songs, parachute, musical instruments, games, etc.

In addition, there will occasionally be guest speakers, including the Edmonton Public Library. If you have an idea or a contact person for a guest speaker please email Corrie at PBJchair@gmail.com


Why do I pay a registration fee?

Registration fees cover the operating costs of PB&J. Our main cost is the Brookside Hall rental. All additional registration fees are invested in new toys, craft materials, parties, and other enhancements to the PB&J program.


Why do I have to purchase a Community League Membership?

PB&J operates as part of the Riverbend Community League and is covered under its insurance. It is mandatory that all families registered in the playgroup be a member of a community league.

Community leagues add value to their neighborhoods by building, operating, and improving facilities (halls, rinks, parks, playgrounds); offering youth and adult recreation, creative arts, and sports programs; running crime prevention programs; organizing special events and social activities for families; and many other important functions.

Go to www.efcl.org for a list of all community leagues in the city and for information about purchasing your community league membership.


I don’t live in Edmonton. Can I still attend? Yes!  A Community League membership is still required. Contact www.efcl.org and purchase a membership to Riverbend Community League.


What is the age range for children?

Children between from age 0 – Kindergarten completion.


Can I drop my children off?

No. Children must be accompanied and supervised by their caregiver at all times. Please remember that this is a playgroup in which the caregiver is active at play with the children. Although it is also a great time to socialize with other adults, and we hope you do, please supervise your children.


Can I drop-in to PB&J?

No, PB&J is a registered program. You are welcome to visit to check us out, though! Contact our Registrar, Kim, at PBJreg@gmail.com to arrange a no obligation visit!


What is a parent cooperative?

Peanut Butter & Jam operates as an interactive co-operative, and each caregiver’s active participation is vital to the operation and the success of the playgroup.

PB&J is completely parent organized. Each caregiver is required to sign up for 4 parent participation activities per semester. Most of the duties run for one month intervals.

Parent participation activities include:

* Opening the hall

* Leading creative time

* Leading circle time

* Closing the hall

* Attending a cleaning bee (one cleaning bee equals one activity)

* Other one-time activities, as communicated on the notice board

A sign-up sheet of your parent activities for each term will be available at the first session of the term. They are posted on the message board.


Who participates in the parent cooperative?

Everyone contributes to the parent cooperative. See our Parent Handbook for detailed information on the parent duties.

If a nanny or other caregiver accompanies the child to playgroup, that caregiver is still required to fulfill the duties.

If the caregiver is unable to fulfill their parent activities obligation, it is their responsibility to exchange or make alternate arrangements with another member of the group. Phone lists of each session will be distributed at the beginning of each semester by the group Liaison. Please use these lists to call other members in your session to fill in for your parent activities if you are unable.


How can I find the Brookside Hall?

See our Location page.


What is the facility like?

The Brookside Hall is 1,000 square feet. There are child sized tables and chairs for snack and craft time, as well as adult sized chairs. There is a nice playground right beside the hall to use after playgroup if there’s nice weather.


Where should I park?

There is ample parking available on the streets in front of the community league building. There is no parking in the Brookside School parking lot.


Can I get involved in PB&J Executive?

Yes! The PB&J executive is made up of parent volunteers. If you’re interested in participating on the executive, please contact Tara for more information! PBJchair@gmail.com

We appoint new executive members at the beginning of the year, in September. We begin recruiting during the spring.

All members of the Executive receive free registration for all their children for the full program year!


I have additional questions!

Please refer to our Parent Handbook for additional information. You can also contact Kim at PBJreg@gmail.com or Tara at PBJchair@gmail.com for more information or registration inquiries.