“I joined Peanut Butter and Jam when my first child was almost two years old, and my second only 7 days. I was an anxious young mom, and joined at the urging of a friend of mine who was already a member. I am so thankful I did, as this group has meant so much to me and my family. Both my children and I have formed lasting, meaningful friendships with the moms and kids.  We have been with PBJ for almost 5 years now and the group has been such a rich resource of advice and camaraderie, getting us through sleepless nights, potty training, and all the other pitfalls that come with a young family, as well as sharing in the triumphs and funny moments. Besides friendships, my children have enjoyed exposure to routine, amazing crafts, and a great selection of dress up clothes, all things that are sorely lacking in their own home! As my daughter has now aged out of the program, I will continue to attend with my boys, who are now four and almost two years old, and I look forward to getting to know a whole new group of moms and kids. Thank you Peanut Butter and Jam!”





“PB and J playgroup has really been such an amazing experience for both me and my son. We moved to the city just over 2 years ago and joined the group then and were welcomed with open arms and happy, awesome people! My son is now 4 and since then has made some amazing friends, myself included! I’m not really sure what I would have done without this fine group of ladies and of course all the cutie kiddos!”




“We joined PB & J in 2010 when my son was just 1, my daughter joined us in 2011.  This playgroup has become a huge part of our lives, we have all made some wonderful friends.  This group helped us survive the sleep deprived days, potty training, teething and all the wonders of Mommyhood.  I read an article about how moms must “find their village”  This is exactly what this playgroup has become to me and my kids… Our Village.”




“Moving from another province with no friends and two small children, PBJ was the perfect fit for me! Finding a community of people who could not only share the ups and downs of parenting, but the wonders of this city and province, has been vital to making Edmonton feel like home.”




“PBJ playgroup is a great way for parents and kids to socialize in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  We’ve had fun growing our little Friday community!”





“We joined PB&J last year when my daughter was just over one.  Everyone was very welcoming, and my daughter came to enjoy the many (many, many) toys and the routine of playgroup.  It’s a great place to find wholesome entertainment for your child and a place for you to talk to other parents, and that’s why we’re back again for a second year.”





“At PB&J I found a community. A group of caregivers who love their children, try their best, and come from interesting and varied backgrounds.

My girls loved going to playgroup and are so proud to watch their mommy lead craft and circle time! They enjoyed the toys, the other children, and also the opportunity to run around inside during the long winter months.

When the opportunity arose to be part of the PB&J Executive, I jumped at the opportunity. I believe in this program, and the difference it can make in the lives of our registrants. It’s easy to believe because I know first-hand that having a community behind me makes all the difference in the world.

I’m so thankful I joined PB&J and will hold the memories in my heart.”